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Oswestry South Signalbox Project

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Oswestry South Signalbox.

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The Oswestry South Signalbox Project has attracted much attention in early discussions with interested parties, and following a grant of 22,000, the box is to be returned to a fully operating signalbox.

Although at first, it will not connect to signals or points, it will serve as an educational tool and an important part of the museum.

When the signalbox was closed many years ago, all the inner workings were removed by British Rail.
In February 2003, a call from Railtrack invited members to attend at Wellington Signalbox to rescue levers and other parts as the Wellington section would be controlled from a central point. Members worked hard over two weekends and now have enough equipment to show Oswestry South as a working box.

It is hoped that work will begin on the 8th of October with the installation of scaffolding.
Craftsmen, who are excellent in GWR Woodwork, will restore the facings of the box, as well as the barge boards, and will install all required woodwork. It is hoped that younger members will learn some new skills as the work continues. Members will install the lever frame and interlocking.

Estimates and costs are being requested from a variety of companies, and skilled individuals to complete the work. The work is scheduled to be completed by December.

When trains run again on the Gobowen - Oswestry - Blodwell branch line, it is hoped that the restored and operational box would play an integral part in the operation of a heritage railway.

Once the box is restored, the levers will connect to the the society's running lines, which are governed by our Light Railway Order, which is now over 10 years in operation by the original Oswestry Heritage Railway. The Society is well known in railway circles for the proffesional way in which our railway is run, and we have succesfully operated without incident.

Pre restoration report and pictures.

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