In the clear: the result of a sterling effort by Cambrian Heritage Railways volunteers is there for all to see.. This view, taken on the afternoon of Sunday November 8, 2009 shows the 'main line' in the foreground, whilst the two lines on the left have been in the Society's posession for over 30 years. With 'Telemon' shunting, the Society's restoration workshop can be seen in the left distance, together with Oswestry South Signalbox and the station building. Copyright Ann Evans -

webimgp0701th.JPG - Photo - Copyright Alun Evans -webimgp0701.JPG. Photo: Clearance work underway on Sunday November 8, 2009. With Middleton Road Bridge located behind the photographer, Oswestry station and the extant line to Gobowen lie ahead. The old main line is that on the right, whilst the track on the left has been in the Society's possession for over 30 years. Note the posts and track set in concrete in the foreground - a reminder that this was formerly home to the cattle dock. Assorted Society-owned wagons can also be seen in the distance in this shot.

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