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#~# STOP PRESS January 2006 - This section is currently under construction. We are, however, appealing for well-wishers to Sponsor a Tube at 20 each in order to help us steam this delightful engine ASAP. If you have any queries about 'Oliver Veltom', please e-mail Gareth Evans, Operation Oliver Team Leader. #~#

Sunday 14th January 2006

>>>...De-greasing Oliver...>>>

An area of the frame between the cab and wheels on the Fireman's side was de-greased and sanded today, as was the cylinder. sides of the engine today. .

One panel of the cab roof was also de-greased & washed down. However, as it was not dry in time, it was decided not to sand it.

Sunday 1st January 2006

>>>...Glossing over Oliver...>>>

Gloss paint was applied to the sandboxes and running plate on both sides of the engine today. This has been done to seal the metalwork, thereby preventing the formation of surface rust until the engine receives top coat, expected to start in the summer. However, we'd like to re-assure you that the 'delightful' shade of green is not the intended top coat... we plan to return Oliver to the original lined brunswick green, in which it operated at both CWS and Dunlops.

webimg_4035th.jpg - Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2005 -     webkif_4031th.jpg - Photo - Copyright Alun Evans 2005 -

.....On a final note, working parties are actively engaged on the engine almost every weekend. If you would like to join us, please e-mail Gareth Evans. A warm welcome is assured - we're a small happy bunch, comprising male & female, young & not so young. Furthermore, much of the work currently under way is of the non-technical variety - sanding & painting, thereby providing the ideal opening for a would-be volunteer.

Sunday 4th December 2005

>>>...The 'rubdown' on Oliver...>>>

Much preparation work was carried out on the loco today, including the driver's side running plate and sandbox likeages. However, it must be remembered that the sandbox pictured below took an afternoon's work in itself by one person to clean up and prepare for the application of primer-undercoat.

webkif_3832th.jpg - Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2005 -

In recent weeks, the handbrake has also been cleaned up, sanded and painted with Hamerite rust killer primer/undercoat.

webkif_3831th.jpg - Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2005 -

Above - A view of the engine from the front buffer beam. The brown paint in the cab & elsewhere is the Hamerite primer-undercoat, whilst the red gloss paint has been applied to the frames. 'Telemon' stands guard on the left. Photo - copyright Gareth Evans 2005 -

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