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Friday 27th August 2006

>>>...Getting Tanked Up on Oliver...>>>

Team Leader Gareth Evans and regular volunteer Ann Evans spent the afternoon sanding the tank, concentrating on the Fireman's side [it's currently facing the opposite way round to the rest of the loco] & paying particular attention to areas where corrosion had set in. Having been smoothed out using special techniques on electric sanders, red oxide primer paint was then applied to the latter areas.

webimg_0101th.JPG - Photo - Copyright Alun Evans 2006 -     webimg_0103th.JPG - Photo - Copyright Alun Evans 2006 -

Above left - Volunteer Ann and Gareth Evans sand Oliver's saddle tank at Oswestry on the afternoon of 27th August 2006. Photo - Copyright Alun Evans 2006 -

Above right - A different angle of volunteers Ann and Gareth Evans sand Oliver's saddle tank. Photo - Copyright Alun Evans 2006 -

Further cleaning and painting has also been carried out around the steam chest [in between the frames below where the smokebox is located].

...On the publicity front, we are pleased to report that the 'Shropshire Star' published a nice story and photo of Gareth & Bryn working on the frames, as did the 'Border Counties Advertizer', who's photo was submitted by Gareth, having been taken by his mother Ann. This has generated much interest & led to the sponsorship of additional tubes :o) .

Thursday 17th August 2006

>>>...Oliver's in the Frame...>>>

Team Leader Gareth Evans spent this afternoon continuing the good work started by Bryn Davies on Friday (~ see report Fri 11/08/2006 ~) cleaning the area at the front of the loco between the cylinders [steam chest] and front coupling using a wire wheel yesterday. It was decided to apply silver heat-proof paint to the areas cleaned to date in order to prevent the re-appearence of rust.

Gareth was later joined by Bryn, who'd just finished work. Bryn applied red oxide to an area below the cab at the rear of the frames and also to the reverser (the equivalent of a gear stick on a steam loco).

...On the publicity front, following receipt of a press release, a photocall was arranged with the Shropshire Star this afternoon. Volunteers Bryn Davies and Gareth Evans posed in the the middle of Oliver's frames. We would like to publicly thank the 'Star's Oswestry office for their co-operation :o)

Friday 11th August 2006

>>>...Polishing up Oliver...>>>

Volunteer Bryn Davies cleaned the area at the front of the frame between the cylinders and front coupling using a wire wheel yesterday (Thursday). When complete, the area will receive silver heat-proof paint. Perhaps unfortunately for Bryn, his efforts will be invisible once Oliver returns to action as it will be hidden beneath the smokebox. However, he will be safe in the knowledge that his efforts have prevented corrosion in the future.

Meanwhile, Ann Evans sanded the rear buffer beam in readiness for red oxide paint.

The gauge glasses and other small brass fittings have been polished up by Nancy Cadwallader, better known as 'Gran' in the yard. One visitor being shown around said: "Fancy getting you doing a job like that!" Clearly enjoying herself, with a huge grin, Gran replied, "I'm quite used to doing this - I've been at it for years."

Attention has also now turned to the saddle tank. Initial investigations have shown that some minor re-plating is required, whilst the remainder appears to be in sound condition, requiring sanding and painting ...and of course de-scaling. A start has been made on scraping loose paint from the tank in readiness for sanding.

webkif_4148th.JPG - Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2006 -     webkif_4737th.JPG - Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2006 -

Above left - Oliver's saddle tank, seen at Oswestry on 29th January 2006. Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2006 -

Above right - Volunteers Bryn Davies, aged 20 of Four Crosses and Gareth Evans, 23, of Llanfyllin start stripping loose paint off Oliver's saddle tank at Oswestry on the afternoon of Thursday 10th August 2006. Photo - Copyright Gareth Evans 2006 -

Monday 31st July 2006

>>>...Priming Oliver...>>>

Work on cleaning & painting of the engine continues to make steady progress. Having been degreased & sanded, the outer surfaces of the cab roof panels, front cab sheet and reverser have received Hamerite rust killer primer-undercoat.

During a brief session on Thursday afternoon, one of our volunteers degreased & washed the rear buffer beam in readiness for sanding & the application of red oxide.

.....On a final note, working parties are actively engaged on the engine on a regular basis. If you would like to join us, please e-mail Gareth Evans. A warm welcome is assured - we're a small happy bunch, comprising male & female, young & not so young. Furthermore, much of the work currently under way is of the non-technical variety - sanding & painting, thereby providing the ideal opening for a would-be volunteer.

Friday 7th July 2006

>>>...Caught on the Roof...>>>

The cab roof panels have been prepared ready for painting – it was too hot to paint on Tuesday night’s working party. The inside of the front cab sheet has also been degreased and now awaits sanding and preparation for painting.

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